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ASIC’s Product Intervention Order Instrument 2020/986. Forex question

The new CFD caps on leverage are a bit confusing. Will it become more difficult to grow your forex account if it’s gone from 1:300 to 1:30 leverage ? I know margin requirements will shoot up and the bar of entry into the industry with it.
Placing multiple trades will become difficult with a smaller account, likewise techniques such as stacking. Am I overreacting ?
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forex question

Hi , im a beginner stock trader and ive been looking at Forex trading. Im not american but Kenyan. We use the shilling and i dont know if its better for the shilling to be higher than the dollar which is the standard or for it to be closer, we currently stand at 108.
the main question is should I be excited when it goes up like in the Dow and S&P 500 or for it to be lower and match the american Dollar

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Forex Question

Why is this trade working?? And am i even looking at the right thing?
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5 minute Forex question

How do you calculate ema and macd for 5 minute forex?
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Forex Question

Hi, I am a Newbie here. I would like to know of the main factors that affect the volatility in major Forex pairs? (apart from monetary policy and GDP numbers)
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Forex Questions

Hello guys, I started taking introductory seminars about forex trading, I'm actually planning to do it after a few weeks of studying forex trading. However, I have questions that need to be answered first before I start trading. I hope you can guys can help me, thank you. Here are the questions:
  1. Given that forex is volatile, and a high risk, high reward market. How much do you think is the potential earning of a newbie trader who is still learning to trade with a capital of $1000?
  2. I'm planning to take in-depth online course about Forex trading. Would you recommend this course from Udemy?
  3. Do you have any more tips for a newbie trader who wants to be a forex trader?
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Serious forex question

Hey guys, so I have been trading / studying forex for some time now and I have a question for those of you that have been at this for a while.
I noticed that on some Wednesdays, maybe once a month, at 2pm eastern the market, especially the euusd, makes a very volatile movement.
Does anyone know the reason for that and on what Wednesdays this happens?
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Forex Questions Answered Q&A Video 1

Forex Questions Answered Q&A Video 1 submitted by Hans_Stam to u/Hans_Stam [link] [comments]

Forex Question

Is it common to hold positions over the weekend? Or safer to exit?
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Forex questions

Hello everyone, I am new in the forex market and i have some questions. The first one: what brokers you recommend ( I live in México). The second: if I buy for example EUR and some day I travel to Europe, can I send those euros from my broker to my bank account? Thanks
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Posted this Forex question on SE to no avail: broker data frequency

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Can anyone clear up some forex questions for me?

Hi, first time on this sub and still learning reddit, also on mobile so formatting maybe a bit off!
I see a lot of people online now saying about the 'forex' lifestyle and how its giving them the freedom to do what they want etc blah blah. Lot of the time is young people in lows 20s showing how theyve made 12k in a week and quit their job at mcdonalds and for £80 a month, they will send you signals and you will make money like they do..?
I tried to do some research on this forex trading but all it seems like to me is that forex is just betting on the currency going up and down? Cant really get my head around it
Is it legal to be doing it?
How can you predict whats going to happen?
Seeing these people earning thousands a day is a real tempting idea to try learn to be like them, but then tell myself not to be stupid and carry on because I know its not as simple as that
Apologises for the rambles
submitted by doublep93 to Forex [link] [comments]

FNG Friday Forex question

Lurking for about a month, probably going to become a regular
TL;DR at bottom
a Quick word about my experience so far:
I've been using a demo FXCM account for a little over a month (+/-). Initially treated it like gambling and was down about $1.5K mainly due to trading stupid large lots because...well, I could. I'm now trading nothing higher than 5 lots, or 50K and working my way back to even. I've gone from -1.5K in the red to about 750-800 or so in the red. I plan on using real cash when I've gone a couple thousand dollars past break-even. There really is no rush for me, I have a job and don't really want to do this full time - Truthfully I simply find this to be a LOT of fun.
I do have some questions for you though if you'll humor me:
What type of trader are you and how did you choose your style? Swing, day, position, scalper, sniper, X, Y, Z...there are probably dozens of styles idk about even after all the reading I've done so far.
In this same vein, (I am NOT asking you to choose my style) If I am at work and unable to do anything but watch the market and any stop/limits i placed before I left get hit (can't have phone, can't download platform)...do you have any suggestions for a style that would mesh with that schedule? Maybe people who are/have been in the same boat?
All of my profitable trades so far have been "guesses" or based on (2 specific) candlestick patterns at 30m and up. There was what I took to be a dark cloud cover indicator on the 12th at noon on the EUUSD at the 1h interval (if you wanted to see it) that I read correctly that got me a good 100+ pips or so, and the shooting star prior to that netted me another 60-70. So I guess I enjoy candlestick patterns? I'm really just trying to find my groove here, and looking for people who have already been there/done that. Other than that my trades basically boil down to guesses - and even if guessing can get me 2,500$ in the green I'm not going to put real cash in until it's not just a hunch.
Fib levels, line/trend indicators and bollinger bands. These are currently the only indicators I use, and truthfully I "use" them horribly. I know there are more indicators, but these two are what I want to learn right now. babypips has multiple pages of info, fxkeys has info, fxfornoobs, informedtrades, etc. they all have good information but it's just not clicking for me yet. I understand I've only been doing this for about 4-6 weeks and I don't expect to be an expert, but I don't like feeling dumb either. ANY help on these (especially reading them) would be appreciated...I'm still reading about them, but this shit just isn't clicking for me yet. Some ELI4 type stuff lol.
TL;DR - New trader, lost 1.5k with stupid large trades and multiple 1m/5m "sniper" style losses, made 700 back with reasonable sized trades, has no trading style at all yet other than minor candlestick pattern recognition, curious how others found their groove, wants to understand fib/bollinger bands much betteat all. I'm not looking to be spoon-fed information, there are just some things I haven't found an answer for, I simply don't understand yet, or would be best answered with actual experience.
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New to forex question

Greetings. I'm new to forex and have been practicing for a while. As I'm trying to make it as realistic as possible lately I noticed on Friday I didn't have any activity. My limits simply weren't met and thus no trades. As much as I wanted to say 'what the hell' and just buy or sell something, nothing happened. Does anyone else who really (or in practice) ever do this? Or do you always make something happen regardless of your strategy going in to the day? Thanks!
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[ForEx Question] What's the best ForEx broker can I use and any accompanying applications?

I've searched the reddit. I've googled and all the ideas are many years old. That's why I'm here asking. Thanks in advance.
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Forex Question

Hey guys, I'm a regular at Forex but I was looking into futures because of worries with the unregulated nature of currency trading (even though I trade with an FCA regulated broker that doesn't offer ridiculous leverage and has a sound DMA/STP business model that is supposed to be free of any conflicts of interest).
Anyway... If I understand what I read correctly, let's say I trade the Euro FX:
-The value per pip is 12.50 USD
-The contract size is 125,000 EUR
-The margin required per contract is approx. 3,000 USD
-The leverage would then be approx. 1:40 (2.5% margin)
-The minimum trade size for futures is 1 (INTEGER) contract. Meaning you can't trade 0.05 of a contract for instance.
Is my understanding correct?
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Forex question - EUR to USD

I thought about waiting until Moronic Monday, but my issue/question is a little long...
I went to Europe last year and ordered a bunch of Euros from my bank in advance. I ended up with around 650 EUR in cash left over after the trip.
(Note: I don't know much about Forex... I do know that there are bid and ask rates, which I think relate to buying vs. selling? For the numbers below I'll just go with the bid rates for simplicity. I think the actual rate that the bank gave me and what they would give me to buy it back are slightly different.)
I don't remember the exact date that I ordered the Euros, but looking at a historical exchange rate chart, I'd say it was around $1.12/EUR. When I looked toward the end of last year, the rate was around $1.07/EUR, and it looks like it bottomed out at $1.06/EUR. In the last 10 years, the peak was ~$1.60/EUR in 2008 and the most recent peak was ~$1.39/EUR in 2014. Right now it is around $1.13-$1.14/EUR.
So this cash is worth around $740 right now. It's not money that I need anytime in the near future. Should I just exchange it at the bank now, since it's around (or slightly higher than) what it was when I ordered it? Or is it worth holding onto it as an investment due to the dollar being strong right now compared to the Euro?
If it got to the 2014 peak of $1.39/EUR, then I'd make $0.27/EUR or $175.50, which would be a gain of over 24%. (Also, this article seems to suggest that personal gains under $200 are not subject to tax.) Even if it takes several years to get there, it's probably a better return than I could get anywhere else. Then again, as with any investment, it could also go down from where it is currently. As I said, I don't know much about Forex or global economics, which is why I'm asking you all for input. How do/will current events (terrorism in Europe, refugee crisis, upcoming US Presidential election, etc.) affect the exchange rate? Or is it just the typical "nobody has a crystal ball, and past performance is not indicative of future results?" Thank you in advance!
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Forex Question

Just when I thought I was getting the hang of it… the CFAI throws a curve ball.
My question relates to marking forward contracts to market, but I’m having difficulty determining what side the investor is taking. Especially when the problem is wordy. I’ve tried to make a clear example of this, along with an example. Do you have tricks for memorizing whether or not to use the BID or ASK?
Spot 1.50 – 2.00 USD / EUR
6mo Foward
2.50 – 3.00 USD / EUR
Example 1)
Investor A sold $1,000,000 USD against EUR. If he sold USD to buy EUR, we would use the ASK price, correct? Therefore, the total proceeds after conversion would be €500,000EUR. If you were to mark the market, we would want to unwind our LONG position (EUR) – thus we would want to use the BID to SELL EUR against USD.
Can you confirm that this thinking is correct, or if not, HELP! smiley
Example 2)
Investor A is long 1,000,000 USD. This is the reverse of example 1, correct? Therefore, he sold EUR to buy USD - we would use the BID price to calculate converting EUR to USD and the proceeds would be $666,667. If you were to mark to market, we would want to unwind our short position (EUR) – thus we would use the ASK to buy EUR against USD.
Can you confirm that this thinking is correct, or if not, HELP! smiley
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New to Forex questions...

Hello everyone, I'm a 16 year old who is interested in Forex trading and have a few questions. At the moment I'm just getting to understand the basic concepts of Forex trading and haven't even started a demo, and have only been looking at forex for a few days now. Anyhow, I was wondering if I spent some good time on this right now, and learned how to use it by the time next summer came around if I could be making around $200 a week (avoid getting a minimum wage job I don't like). Now I know that all depends on how much money one is trading with in the first place, so that leads to my next question is how much money would I need to be trading and me moderately successful and make $200 a week. Think of me doing this as a summer job and a hobby. Thanks!
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Trading Stocks with offshore Yuan

Not exactly a forex question, per se, but, can you recommend any brokers for US citizens where you can trade a USD/CNH pair then buy US equities with CNH?
Interactive Brokers allows this if you have a $10M forex account. Kind of a barrier for retail traders.
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I wasted a FOREX scammer's time with stupid questions.

I wasted a FOREX scammer's time with stupid questions. submitted by Dirdir_dop to scambait [link] [comments]

Help with MT4 App needed

Hello guys, i'm very sorry if this isn't the right place to post this question but i really need help with the MT4 app on my android.

As seen in the picture, for some reason my MT4 is displaying this way and i've not done anything to it. I cant click the order execution button (because it's not showing) and the words are too small to read below. Anyone came across a situation such as this?
Again i realize this may not be the right place to post since its not a forex question per se but i dont know where else to post.. Please help
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